Most men consider learning how to stop orgasm to be something very complicated, but the truth is, getting control over it does not at all have to be a hard process. All you need to do is to understand the different techniques which you would need to apply while having sex with your partner, and these methods would be really helpful for you whenever you need to stop your orgasm. It can be quite embarrassing if you end up having an orgasm early while having sex with your partner leaving her completely unsatisfied and disappointed.

The first step you need to undertake is to make certain changes in your masturbation habits if you happen to be doing it on a frequent basis. The way you masturbate has long term affects on your sexual performance, and it is necessary that you prolong your orgasm as long as you can and it is recommended that you always avoid masturbating if you are in the mood of a quick ejaculation. Another method which might sound like a crazy idea initially but is quite effective in stopping orgasm is to touch the tip of your mouth with your tongue. This you would need to do while you are having sex with your partner and stroke the roof of your moth with your tongue since it really helps to distract yourself from the pleasure experience and also spreads the energy away from your penis into your other body parts. Thirdly, you should always pay a visit to the toilet before you start having sex. Urinating before really provides relief to your bladder and decreases the pressure.

Lastly, you should continue to change positions while having sex since this really helps to stop orgasm and you can recover albeit for a short while. It is one of the best tactics that one cap apply since it helps to make your experience more pleasureful while ensuring that you are able to stop your orgasm.

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