If You’re Girl Is Telling You It’s Alright, She’s Lying

I have no doubt that your lady loves you. She says it is okay when you cum too early to satisfy her, and maybe it is at first. You need to know, however, that her patience and understanding is only going to last so long. She is saying it is alright for the time being expecting you to do something to change it. If you want to change it and last longer to keep and please her, you are probably willing to try anything.

First of all, don’t try anything! There are many claims out there about creams, lotions and gels that will hold off your climax by numbing up your feeling. The truth is that most of them are not safe and do not come without their side effects. The worst part is that most of them will not help either. Premature ejaculation is not about the feeling involved in sex, it is about the mind, body connection and how you choose to control it. That’s right, ultimately the ability to delay the climax is all on you.

Keni Styles is a world renowned porn star who has not only broken the barrier for Asian men into the mainstream porn world, but has overcome his own obstacles with lasting longer. He had the same problem you do and in his Keni Styles Superman Stamina teaches you how to overcome your inability to last. In Keni Style Superman Stamina is not some boring textbook, but rather a real life video that goes step by step through the things that you must do in order to control your climax while banging your partner. He is actually going through the stages of pounding on his costars while he talks you through it and encourages you to practice yourself.

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